1 Month Pregnant: What to Expect?

If you are trying to conceive you might notice subtle differences in your body and want to know if they are symptoms or signs of pregnancy. The symptoms are not the same for every woman, because everyone has a different body. So, what can you expect in the first month of pregnancy? This article will highlight a few symptoms to help you know more.

You can experience all of the following symptoms or just one or two. The important thing is to know that the emotional and physical symptoms are quite commons so you have nothing to be worried about.

What Can You Expect In The First Month Of Pregnancy?

Implantation Bleeding: An embryo will attach to the uterus after conception, say anywhere from six to twelve days. During this period of time, you might notice bleeding because it’s around the time when you expect to have your monthly period. It is also common to feel cramps at this time.

Fatigue: You may feel sleepy all the time if you are in the initial stages of pregnancy. You should take this time to rest because this will help the baby’s growth.

Tender or swollen breasts: Your breast can become tender or swollen if there is an increase in hormones. If you normally experience this symptom during menstruation, it might feel the same initially. When you progress through the first trimester, this tenderness might increase. It is also common for the skin around the breasts to itch because it will stretch to accommodate the swelling. In some cases the areolas, the dark area around the nipples, will become darker. You might also notice that the small bumps on the nipple are more pronounced. The bumps actually produce an oily fluid in preparation for breastfeeding.

Morning sickness: Even though the name suggests it, this symptom is not confined just to the morning as you can experience it at any time of the night or day. Most women have morning sickness in the first trimester and it will continue later on.

Frequent Urination: During early pregnancy, you might urinate frequently because of the increase hormones in your body.

Sensitivity to smells: You might become extremely sensitive to some smells in the early stage of pregnancy. This will lead to nausea.

Excessive saliva: During the early part of pregnancy, you might notice that more saliva is building up in the mouth. Most women experience this during pregnancy when they are having morning sickness.

These are some of the symptoms that you could experience in the first month of pregnancy. If you are not certain of the pregnancy, you can take one of the home pregnancy tests or visit a doctor to get a blood test done. You should not rely on the symptoms alone.

Belly Pictures in 1 Month Pregnancy

Here is how a belly might look like in the 1st month of pregnancy.
1 month belly


Ultrasound in 1 Month Pregnancy

1 month ultrasound


Month 1 Pregnancy Video Guide

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