Vaginal Odor After period – Why Does It Happen and How To Get Rid Of It

Vaginal odor, especially an offensive smell after menstruation, is a problem that most women have to deal with. It is a very annoying ailment that causes much embarrassment and discomfort during times of intimacy. If you are affected by vaginal odor after period, then you have come to the right place.

First, you should know that most women have experiences with a foul-smelling discharge at the end of their menstrual cycle.

In general, the discharges which occur after menstrual periods have no odor or a faint smell. However, you could notice an odorless transparent or white discharge, smelly off-white or white, creamy discharge, green foul-smelling discharge or a brown smelly discharge.

In most cases, it is caused by the remnants from a shedding endometrial lining, but the cause could be linked to pathological diseases as well and call for urgent medical attention.

The problem might not affect all women the same way and with the same level of intensity, but everyone has to deal with to a certain extent.

Vaginal Odor after Period – Why Does It Happen

If you notice that you have a smelly white discharge after period and it smells, then it is possible that it’s caused by a yeast infection or thrush.

Candida albicans causes this infection and it happens whenever a hormonal change alters the natural bacteria inside the vagina.

This will hit your hormone balance hard, so you need to see a doctor or gynecologist to get prescription medication.

If your vaginal odor is caused by a yellowish green and frothy discharge after period, this could indicate that you have gonorrhea. This is a serious infection for women as the bacteria can go into the fallopian tubes steadily and slowly.

If you have a creamy gray/off-white discharge with a fishy smell after period, you could be affected by bacterial vaginosis.

This condition will require you to get checked out by a doctor in order to get the necessary treatment. On the other hand, you could have a Chlamydia infection if the smelly discharge is accompanied by a burning sensation inside the vagina.

The best way to know is to get tested at the earliest possible time because the disease can lead to infertility if treatment is not done in time.

If you have a slightly green discharge with a strong smell, then it is highly likely that you have a disease called trichomoniasis.

This is an amoebic infection that is potentially harmless, but some reports say that it can spread into the fallopian tubes. For this reason, you have to visit your doctor as early as possible to find a cure.

Another ways that you could have this smelly vaginal discharge is from a forgotten tampon. This might be hard to believe but this happens to a number of women.

Some women forget to take out the tampon on the last day of their period and it festers during this time to cause a smelly discharge.

In case of a smelly, brown discharge after period, there is the possibility that it’s caused by bacteria. It is now possible to find feminine washes on the market to get relief from this problem.

However, the best approach is to get a checkup done at a gynecologist’s clinic for the doctor to find the underlying cause of the smelly discharge.

You could be dealing with other complications if the discharge is occurring for one or more weeks after your menstrual period.

It cannot be stressed enough about how important it is to contact a doctor at the earliest possible time to avoid any serious health problems.

Vaginal Odor after Period – How to Get Rid Of It

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As soon as you notice a vaginal odor after a menstrual period, you should take steps to ensure that you are following good hygiene habits. For prevention, it is important to bathe frequently and trim the pubic hairs.

You should not do excessive vaginal douching or stop doing it completely if you notice an offensive and persisting vaginal odor. It is also important to change your sanitary pads and tampons regularly when menstruating as well as to use a non-irritating brand.

Helpful Products For Preventing, Eliminating or Minimizing Vaginal Odor, Discharge and Itching

Here are some products which a lot of women found helpful for treating their vaginal odor:

RepHresh Vaginal Gel

rephresh lubeThis special lubricant comes with pre-filled applicators and has been shown to help maintain healthy vaginal pH, relieve feminine discomfort and eliminate feminine odor. A package will come with 4 pre-filled applicators and each one lasts for 3 days.

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WaterWorks Natural Vaginal Cleansing System

waterworksThis is a natural and safe solution which helps to eliminate feminine odor.

This cleansing system uses stainless steel which in combination with running water is a recognized method of eliminating the volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) that cause vaginal odor.

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RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Feminine Supplement

represh probioticThis is a probiotic feminine supplement which balances yeast and bacteria to maintain feminine health and helps you minimize smelly or excessive vaginal discharge. The dose is one capsule per day and a box will last you one month (30 days).

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pH-D Feminine Health Support

phD feminineThis is a homeopathic treatment which, according to the reviews, a lot of women find very helpful.

The main ingredient is Boric acid which has been confirmed through a clinical study as an effective natural defense against unbalanced vaginal pH.

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Renew Gentle Feminine Wash by Luxxx Beauty

renew gentle feminine washThis is a pH Balanced and gentle feminine wash with Cucumber and Aloe Vera for antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

It helps to minimize odor and reduces symptoms of infection. This wash is paraben free and safe for sensitive skin.

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Vagisil Feminine Wash with Odor Block Protection

vagsilVagisil Feminine Wash will help you clean away odor and also keep it from happening in the first place.

Although a lot of women report that this product has helped them I have to warn you that it contains sodium laureth sulfate. If you’re sensitive to it or you’re trying to avoid it, choose another product.

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Speak With Your Doctor

Although the products listed above do help, keep in mind that in case of serious vaginal infections, you should consult a doctor to get the appropriate treatment such as antifungals or antibiotics.

You might need anti-fungal vaginal creams in case of vaginal thrush, so it’s best to consult your gynecologist or doctor before using any gel or cream internally.

You need to discontinue sexual activities if you notice pain and a smelly discharge.


It is important to know that menstrual cycle will play a part in the way how your vagina smells. In fact, it’s normal to have a musky (very pleasant) or mild odor around the mid-cycle, and a stronger odor immediately before and following your menses.

If you think that the smelly vaginal discharge is a problem, you should discuss the matter with your doctor to start getting treatment as soon as possible for the underlying cause.

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