Menstrual cycle while breastfeeding

Want to know about menstrual cycle while breastfeeding? During this time, nearly anything is seen as a normal occurrence. Every women experience postpartum bleeding after birth but this is not considered a period. Find out more below.

breastfeedingBreastfeeding suppresses the menstruation period for a while. Some mothers may not menstruate while breastfeeding for weeks, months and maybe years. Some even have to wean their baby completely before the first period returns. There are others you will see their first period when their babies start to take supplemental foods or sleep longer during the night. When menstruation returns it might continue to be unbalanced during lactation so it’s not uncommon to have longer or shorter periods while breastfeeding. Besides that, it’s not abnormal to miss a period or have the first period return and stop for several months.

There are several factors that will determine when your first period will return after you give birth. This includes how often you nurse the baby and give the baby supplemental feed in bottle; how long your baby sleep at nights; whether or not he/she is taking a pacifier or is introduced to solids as well as your body chemistry and how it is responding to hormonal influences which connects to breastfeeding. Menstruation is more likely to return quick after the stimulation is decreased on the breast, especially at night.

It is important to know that you will be fertile if you resume a normal menstrual cycle while breastfeeding. This means that you should take precautions against getting pregnant. Some women use the first period as a warning signal to know that they can become pregnant, but it’s also a rare possibility for some to conceive before the return of the first period.

Another thing to know is that nursing while menstruating will not be harmful to your baby. The breast milk will still be of good quality, but some hormonal changes can change the taste during this time. You might also notice that your milk supply is reduced. These changes could cause your baby to refuse the milk or become fussy on occasion, but this normally last for a few days.

In the event that you are experiencing a reduction in your breast milk while menstruating, you could try using a nursing tea or other galatagogues to increase the supply naturally. There are some minerals and vitamins supplements that will help as well. You can also get help and advice from your doctor. Women are often recommended to see a pediatrician regularly to ensure that their babies are getting sufficient milk and are gaining weight consistently. The pediatrician might recommend a supplement if your breast milk supply decreases to the point where you don’t have enough for your baby.
You can find additional resources available if you need to learn more about menstrual cycle while breastfeeding.

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