Menstrual Cycle After Abortion

When women make the decision to get an abortion it is often a stressful one. The abnormal levels of stress could have on effect on the menstrual cycle, causing changes in the monthly period after the abortion.

In some cases, it will take several months for women to have their normal menstrual cycle after abortion, while others see a return fairly quickly.

In essence, the menstrual cycle will be reset effectively by an abortion, which means that your next period should return in about four weeks.

Abortion – General Information

An abortion is when pregnancy is ended at an extremely early stage. The growth of the fetus is little at this time, but pregnancy hormones will be rampant in the body.

In addition, the body will signal different organs to start preparing for the pregnancy. In the event that the fetus is not showing normal growth, the body will expel it naturally or a doctor can terminate the pregnancy clinically.

This sudden loss of pregnancy is going to confuse the body and cause the hormones to go out of whack. It will take some time for your body to resume its state before pregnancy.

If a trained medical practitioner performs an abortion in appropriate conditions the potential complications will be less severe and the recovery time is going to be shorter.

When an abortion is done in the earliest weeks of pregnancy you can experience much less bodily risks both during and after as well as benefit from a quicker recovery.

Bear in mind that an early abortion will not impair your fertility or result in complications later in pregnancies, whether it’s a surgical or medical one. However, pregnancies after the second-trimester will slightly increase the risk for unplanned abortion.

More About What Happens To Menstrual Cycle after Abortion

If your pregnancy is terminated during the first trimester, your period should return in four to twelve weeks after an abortion.

The first period might be lighter than your normal one and might not last for the regular time or be normal after a surgical abortion.

You are advised to consult your doctor if this first period is considerably longer or heavier than normal.

If you had a medical abortion, meaning that it was induced by medicine, you might have heavier periods than normal in the first cycle after terminating a pregnancy.

You could ovulate right after the termination. However, this time can vary for different women and depends on how far the pregnancy was when the abortion happened.

During this period, your body’s first priority will be to expel all of the remnants from the lost pregnancy. This includes fetal tissue in addition to other debris from your uterus, and it’s characterized by heavy bleeding.

You could consider this your first period after abortion. It might happen within days or weeks. The fetal tissue can be cleared out surgically if you had a medical abortion.

In this instance, you might not experience the heavy bleeding. Your normal period might be delayed for a few weeks as your body waits for the hormones to set in.

After a medical abortion, an irregular period might be less painful and heavier than your normal one.

Like most women, you could fully recover from an abortion in a few days if you are taking the necessary medication or doing a surgical procedure.

You are advised to contact a medical professional if cramps or heavy bleeding continues for over twenty-four hours following an abortion. A fever can be a sign that you are having a complication with the recovery.

It is important to mention that some women have problems with their menstrual cycle for as much as two years following an abortion.

The time that your period lasts, as well as the amount of bleeding and cramping, might change for several months from one cycle to the next.

Some women have reported that they experience pregnancy symptoms such as back pain, fatigue, and swollen breasts during the time when their periods occur for several months after an abortion.

Aside from this, you could experience more pain, clotting and premenstrual syndrome symptoms during the first periods after abortion.

Getting Pregnant After Abortion

Even though your period may not come for several weeks or two months after abortion it is possible for the body to start ovulation right after a pregnancy is terminated.

This means that you could get pregnant right away, even though you are still having some light bleeding. The chance of pregnancy is even higher once the hormones attain their pre-pregnancy condition.

That’s why it’s important to use contraceptives following abortion if you don’t want to get pregnant right away.

Your body will need time to deal with the loss of a pregnancy so another one is not desirable until at least a few months when it is strong enough for you to carry a baby to a full term.

Just ensure that you consult a doctor if anything seems abnormal with your menstrual cycle after abortion.

Pregnancy Test After Abortion

When you’re taking a pregnancy test after abortion it’s advised to wait at least 4 weeks following your treatment.

Taking it sooner might result in a false positive as the hCH (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone might still be present.

Do you have a question about your menstrual cycle, pregnancy, abortion or any other related topic? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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