Male Infertility Treatments

For many years, male infertility treatments were not in high demand because the wide belief was that females were affected predominantly. It is only now that couples are accepting the fact that the male might be the one experiencing infertility.

Male infertility is almost caused solely by sperm problems, which could be that the male is developing lower sperm quality, has a lower sperm count, or no sperm whatsoever. Nearly all the treatment options focus on ways to make the most of sperm cells which are under examination. The female factors must be given serious consideration in male infertility treatment as well because they will contribute largely to the presence of the problem. For male infertility that is not treated, there is just less than a fifty percent possibility that pregnancy is going to happen more specifically for instances where the main focus of the condition is on the semen quality.

Let’s take a look at some of the available options for male infertility treatments:

The treatments for male infertility problems vary as they might be given based on the root cause or evidence-based solutions in cases with no identified problem. Depending on what is causing the infertility in male, doctors will recommend different treatment options.

Treatments include surgical procedure to repair or correct damaged reproductive organs or anatomic abnormalities, medical procedures used to deliver sperm to the female, egg fertilization inside a laboratory, and the use of a third party to donate sperm.


If the infertility problem stems from varicose veins growing in the scrotum, surgery will be recommended to fix it. Surgery can also be effective in repairing any blockage in tubes which transport sperm.

If the problem is caused by hormones, the doctor can prescribe a hormone therapy in order to fix the imbalance.

Artificial insemination of sperm cells combined with ovarian stimulation is one of the high-tech, yet simplest procedure in the options available for male infertility treatments.

In-vitro fertilization is becoming extremely popular as the ultimate option for almost every couple who are able to spend money on extensive treatments. It is difficult to calculate the effectiveness of this treatment because there are no accurate parameters to base it on. However, patients usually undergo three cycles in common cases before achieving a conception.

Sperm donation is another option that helps with the fertilization of poor quality sperm. This option is rarely considered though because it is almost impossible for men with higher sperm production rate to not create semen. If this treatment is needed and the female is fertile, the success assurance will be high.

There are medications that can be used to treat certain issues affecting male fertility. This includes erectile dysfunction and hormone imbalances. Otherwise, doctors typically recommend a well-balanced diet, moderate exercise, as well as wearing things to keep the testicles cool and nice.

Overall, the male infertility treatments cover a wide spectrum, from hormonal treatment to herbal remedies, but there is no evidence available from the scientific side to prove their effectiveness.

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