How to delay your menstrual cycle

How would you like to have fewer periods? If so, you should know that this is possible with the help of birth control pills. Keep reading as the information in this article will tell you how to delay your menstrual cycle.

Before going further, it is also worth mentioning that you can benefit from delaying your monthly period. Many women delay their period to prevent or treat different menstrual symptoms. You could consider it if you have:

  • Heavy, frequent, painful or prolonged periods;
  • A mental or physical disability that is making it difficult for you to use tampons or sanitary napkins;
  • Mood swings, bloating or tenderness of breast seven to ten days before menstruation;
  • Migraines, asthma, anemia, endometriosis or any other condition that is worsened by your period;
  • Headaches or some other menstrual symptoms when you take the inactive contraception control pills.

It could also be that you want to delay menstrual bleeding because it is inconvenient at times. For instance, you might want to postpone or delay your period to compete in an athletic event, do an important exam or for a special occasion or a vacation.

How to Delay Your Menstrual Cycle

The traditional birth control pills are made to mimic the natural menstrual cycle. There are twenty-eight pills in this pack, but only twenty-one are active or have the hormones to repress your fertility. Withdrawal bleeding will occur during the week when you take the seven inactive pills.

This is how your body will respond to the stopping or halting of hormones. This withdrawal bleeding will not occur if you start a brand-new pack immediately and skip the seven inactive pills.

When you take those inactive pills the bleeding that you see will be different from a regular period and it’s not necessary for your health. Now, this is where the birth control pills will come in handy if you want to control your menstrual cycle.

It is important to point out that the birth control pill that you choose is up to your doctor and yourself. You could opt for the twenty-eight day birth control pill or the extended or continuous cycle pill.

Just be sure to consult your doctor to know if it is safe to use birth control pills to delay your menstruation. All doctors do not recommend the delaying of period. This is because there are some drawbacks or downsides to delaying menstruation.

One of the common one is breakthrough bleeding, also called spotting or bleeding between periods, especially in the first few months of delaying period. Another drawback would be extreme difficulty in knowing when you are pregnant if
you are delaying your period routinely.

Now that you know how to delay your menstrual cycle, you can decide if this is something that you want to do for medical or personal reasons.

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