What if your period is late

Do you follow your menstrual cycle like clockwork every month? If yes, you might be one of those women who want an answer to this question: What if your period is late? This is especially true if you are in a panic because you are not ready to get pregnant. Besides being pregnant, there are many reasons why your period might not come at the slated time. Continue reading the information below to know more.

What If Your Period Is Late

Stress is one of the most common reasons why you might have a late period. Your body may react this way if you are currently undergoing a lot of stress because it will stop producing the required amount of GnRH. You will not ovulate if your body is producing a small amount of this hormone. If you are not ovulating, you will miss your monthly period because your body is not going to discharge an egg.

Even though most females don’t go through menopause at an early age, some can start before the typical time. You could have a late period if you are experiencing this change earlier than normal. Bear in mind that some chemotherapy treatments can cause women to experience menopause earlier than others.

contraceptionSome birth control can cause women to miss periods or have late periods for a few months. Your period might be late if you have just started to use a new birth control. You could talk to your doctor to find out if missed or delayed period would be a common side effect of your birth control method.

These are just some of the common reasons why your period might be late. You can easily rule out any of the reasons by considering your current lifestyle. It is fairly easy for you to determine if it’s caused by pregnancy, your birth control methods, or excessive stress. You could simply take one of the pregnancy tests if you are not stressed, use any birth control, or wait to see if you’re going through menopause.

If your period is late because you are pregnant, it is highly likely that your body has sufficient pregnancy hormone to give you a positive test result. In the event that the pregnancy test comes back with a negative result, you could wait 48 hours to take another one. If your body doesn’t have sufficient hormones to give a positive pregnancy test, you have to wait for two days to get the result. After that, you should talk to your doctor if you are still getting a negative pregnancy test result. Your doctor can do a blood test to rule out a pregnancy for certain, as well as to perform additional tests to find out the causes of your late period.

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