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Facts About Ovulation Bleeding

May 31st, 2013

Ovulation bleeding or ovulation spotting is common with many women. While nothing like this ever happens to most women, some still get some spotting every month. For those who get it every month, it can be a very reliable way to determine ovulation so they can use this sign to either avoid getting pregnant or to conceive instead.

Why Does Ovulation Bleeding Happen

ovulation bleedingIt is believed that ovulation spotting and bleeding is caused by hormones that try to weaken the surface of the follicle. A small hole will be created for the egg to be able to pass. This may cause some pain and ovulation cramps for some women and also bleeding. While this is one possible explanation, there are also experts that believe the bleeding to have been caused by higher estrogen levels. Sometimes going on a birth control pill stops the spotting, but it may come back after you have stopped taking pills. Bleeding may also disappear in time, or in some cases, women who have never had it in the bast, may experience some spotting at one point.

What Does Ovulation Bleeding Look Like

Unlike with menstrual bleeding, only some spotting or a little bit of blood can occur while ovulating. This blood is either dark brownish red color or pink and there is very little of it. It may be mixed with cervical mucus and may be accompanied by mild pain in the stomach or some cramping that resembles menstrual cramping.

Not all bleeding can be regarded as ovulation spotting. If you notice heavy bleeding that lasts for days and looks like you are menstruating, consult a doctor immediately. Also, when bleeding is accompanies by severe pain, it is not good and needs some medical attention.

How Long Does Ovulation Bleeding Last?

Ovulation bleeding doesn’t usually last long. It will be only a day or two, 4-5 days the most. So if you have experienced spotting for a longer period, it is probably caused by something else like a cyst for example. Again, go see a doctor when this happens.

Ovulation Bleeding As a Birth Control Method

Those women who get bleeding in the middle of each cycle, take it as an ovulation sign. This is actually a very good indicator when you are trying to conceive. It will tell you exactly when you are fertile and which are the best days for making a baby. On the other hand, if you want to avoid getting pregnant, you can use the same method. Still, it is not a 100% sure way to avoid pregnancy and additional methods should be used.

11 Responses to “Facts About Ovulation Bleeding”

  1. Bianca says:

    Hi, Ladies in early November I decided to get off my Birth Control because my husband, and I are trying for our second child, I did not get my period for the whole month of November which I though was because I was pregnant ?! well I took pregnancy test after pregnancy test and they all came back (-) turns out I was not pregnant come December 16th I get my period it lasted about 7 days , and now a few days later I’m getting this weird spotting that’s pinkish/brown with a bit of mucus that only lasted about two days ? so now im a little confused as to whats going on in my body ? im freaking out because im scared I might not be able to get pregnant with all these changes going on in my body

  2. miranda says:

    Hi Ladies!
    I have a serious question, well I haven’t had my period since the end of October…
    BUT recently ( approximately around Dec. 14 – 15 ) I had light bleeding, mote noticeable when I wiped… but my periods have always been irregular.. well me & my husband are trying conceive. We had sex Thursday, ( Dec. 18th ) do any of you know if it’ll possible to still get pregnant although I haven’t had a full period, just slightly bleeding a couple of days ago?

    • Clepetark says:

      Hi , spotting is not unusual and as you are irregular, tracking period and ovulation to come is not an easy task. The best way for you will be to have intimate moment with your husband one day on 2 as soon you have no period until the next one…. and stop thinking about conceiving … I know it is hard but a lot of couple that struggle to conceive finally get it once they gave up …

      good luck !

  3. luz says:

    hi im 35yrs, my last period was september 24 to 28 then on october 8 to 14 i kept spotting i had sex on october 19 so i don’t know if I’m pregnant now

  4. alison says:

    I took birth control for 3 day . Stopped it. Had a brown light bleed for close to a wee . Then I had sex for 4 days straight . Now I am having a light period. Its brownish red with small amounts of mucus . Is this ovulation bleed or side effect of birth control? Anyone experienced this?

  5. dolores says:

    My first date of last period was August 14 end date 18 and now its September 12 could I be pregnant or its too early to tell give it till September 19

  6. Azziffa says:

    Hi, i am having PCOS and now i am on medication to boost my fertility. On 6 June2014, gyne has performed ultrasound on my egg. with 3 mature eggs, i was given another medication. However, on 4 June 2014, i notice light bleeding till today (5 June 2014). I am wondering if this is a ovulation bleeding or menstrual bleeding. I do notice no stain on my pantyliner but i can see dark red blood each time i wipe with tissue.

    • Clepetark says:

      Spotting can occured at anytime in the cycle, cause by many reason, in case of worries I strongly suggest you to have a chat with your gene

  7. Sarah says:

    My last period started 5th of January and it ends at 11th of January , today the date is 19th of January , since 12th of January I had every intercourse pinkish discharge then it goes away , but today I had pain just like period pain and blood like the picture above plus I had diarrhea

    P.s. im 22 years old and am trying to get pregnant first time

  8. Michelle says:

    Hi I’m 23 years old, I had a still born in may this year, so I’ve had a couple of normal periods so far. Me & my partner are trying for another baby. My last period was on 15th August. So my fertile period was 25th to 29th. On Saturday I noticed some bleeding, it started off as brown, now it’s reddish pinkish colour. I read on the net that some people experience ovulation bleeding while on their fertile period. I think it maybe that because its way to early for my period. Plus the bleeding is light, it’s not heavy. Now it’s Monday & I’m still bleeding & it’s still light. I was wondering if you could help me as this is the first time I’ve experienced this & I’m a little worried.

    • jasko says:

      we could guess what might be the cause, but the smartest thing would be to visit your gynecologist. especially if it doesn’t stop by Wednesday…

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