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If you want to stand the best chance of getting pregnant, then you need to know when you are ovulating. This is the time of the month that you are at your most fertile, and thus stand a greater chance of a sperm reaching the egg and fertilizing it. One of the biggest problems people have however is knowing how to calculate their menstrual cycle. This is where technology can come in useful. You can use items such as a menstrual cycle calculator which should provide you with a rough estimate about when you are next going to ovulate. Let me tell you a little about how these work.

Menstrual Cycle Calculators vary in complexity, some will ask you for information such as your average body temperature, as well as various other bits and pieces about what your body is currently going through. These types of cycle calculators often give the most accurate results, but many people find that they are ‘over kill’, and the majority of the information that they ask for is not something that people will have to hand readily, especially months of data about the subject. Therefore many women use simpler menstrual cycle calculators, which still give fairly accurate results.

The first thing that the menstrual cycle calculator will ask you is the date of your last period. Hopefully this should be information that almost any woman should be able to answer fairly easily. This will be the starting date of the last period and not the ending date.

The next piece of information that you will be asked for is the average length of time between your periods. This is the ‘length of the menstrual cycle’. Of course, the human body does vary wildly here, and whilst some months there could be 30 days between your period, and others it could be as low as 25. However, you are only after an average here. Do try to be as accurate as possible though as this will affect the results that you are given, and this of course will have a profound effect on what the calculator tells you is the ideal time to try for a child.

Finally you will be given your results. Generally you will be told the date of your next period, which should be fairly accurate. What you are going to be most concerned with however is the next ovulation period. This will be the time that you are at your most fertile and therefore stand the best chance of getting pregnant. What you do need to remember though is that the information isn’t 100% accurate as it is impossible to predict the human body, so ideally you would want to start having sex a couple of days before this, and a couple of days after.

Whilst they aren’t 100% accurate, the menstrual calculator is still a useful tool. It provides a ‘free’ way of knowing when you stand the best chance of getting pregnant, and this of course can be a god send for a couple who are struggling with this.

Learn more about Menstrual Cycle and how to to calculate it manually.

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  1. Edna says:

    Hi I had my last period September 5 then it came back on September 29 when should i expect my cycle for November

  2. andi says: last period was september 27, and i had sex, third week of october(oct.12-oct.18),,is there a chance that i get pregnant?thanks.

  3. Amanda says:

    The first day of my last period was the 23rd of September
    It was heavy for three days then barely existant for the other
    two . Am I pregnant I have taken two test , one showing a faded line and
    one clear after an hour ! Help !! I am currently trying to conceive !!

    • Clepetark says:

      Hi, 3 days of heavy bleeding is clearly periods or a miscarriage … I doubt that you are or still are pregnant. Tests are more effective with the morning urine as it is the one having the highest concentration of HCG, the pregnancy hormone. the result have to show within 5 minutes .. past that it is invalid. Test it again !

      If you have doubt, visit your physician that will be able to give you some clear answers.

      Good luck

  4. laurie says:

    I had my last period on September 31. I usually get my periods earlier dan 28 days.. I had my inteecourse from 10th oct to 18th oct except on 13th and 16th.. I am planning for my baby.. are there any chances for my pregnancy and when could be the best time to test?? Can u pls suggest me on this..

    • Clepetark says:

      Hi , everything is possible ! test yourself as doom you are late for your next period or as soon you reach 14 days after an unprotected intercourse. To conceive it is always better to have sex one day on 2 while being in your fertile window. it allows more mature spermatozoids to be launched !

      Good luck !

  5. snazz says:

    I menstruated on the 22 or 23 of july 2014 then in august i realized that I am pregnant.
    I had sex on the 3rd of July and again around 6 and 9 Jusly then I went to the Dr on the 13th of October 2014 he said am 12weeks 4days so now I wanna know when exactly did I got pregnant …3rd July or the sex I did around 6 and 9 July?

    • Clepetark says:

      Hi strange as it can shows, the day one of a pregnancy is the day one of the last period you had, they calculate from there 40 weeks of gestation which give 10 months … knowing that basically your fertile window was 10 days after the beginning of your last periods, that lead you to track the possible conception dates ! and redude at 9 month and a half the pregnancy !

      Good luck

  6. tlove says:

    My period started Sept 26th and I had unprotected sex Oct 9th and 11th, 3 days later I started to feel light headed, my breastfeeding hurting and using the we way too often could this mean I am pregnant? Did 3 pregnancy test and all negative help help

    • Clepetark says:

      Hi ,
      it is taking much more then 3 days to have pregnant symptoms, if it was so quick pregnancy test will trigger much faster too… it takes 14 days after an unprotected intercourse to trigger a positive test. Look to your date and test yourself accordingly or wait to b late on your next period, if you have a regular cycle. Test yourself with the morning urine. With more HCG you have more change to have an accurate result.

      Good luck

  7. Jacey says:

    I had sex on March 3rd or 4th with someone and started my period on March 10th. Had sex with a different person from March 10th through the end of March. Neither of these guys wore protection, but the one from the 10th-end of mArch was cumming in me definitely. I took a pregnancy test at the doctor on April 1st and it was negative. I had sex with a different guy on April 5th. I took a test on April 6th or the 7th and it was positive. My due date is December the 17th. I’m so confused on who the father is :(( pls help me

    • Clepetark says:

      Hi ,

      it is quite simple, a pregnancy test need 14 days to trigger. doing a test 48h after having an intercourse is completely useless… from your positive test go back 14 days and think with who you had unprotected sex. And please let me tell you that, unprotected sex with numerous partners is not making you at risk to have unwanted pregnancy but expose you also to many sexual transmited deseases that can also affect your unborn child.

  8. Cassie says:

    I had my period sept 14-18th. I haven’t had a period since. It was due October 6th. I’ve seen light spotting only when I wipe which that just started a few days ago and it’s only periodic. I decided to take a test last night and it was negative. However I’m feeling fatigue all the time. Anyone experiencing thus? If so, we’re you pregnant? Any advice would be appreciated. Best wishes to you all that’s ttc! Please wish me luck. Me and my husband are trying to have our first :)

    • Clepetark says:

      Hi , from the dates provided you have a short or irregular cycle. The best way to make sure you test yourself at the good time and have an accurate result is to test yourself, with the first morning urine and to wait 14 days after your last unprotected intercourse. If it is still negative, dont be sad .. for next cycle try to have sex one day on 2 during your fertile window it will allow more mature spermatozoids to be launched and increase your chances to conceive

      Good luck

  9. jada says:

    I had unprotected sex on the day am supposed to start my period(18th october) is it possible I will get pregnant.

  10. jane says:

    Hi there, I had unprotected sex on the August 29th which is the ovulation day but my boyfriend didn’t cum inside me nor release any sperms. He just tried putting into me for few seconds and I think there is a little transparent pre cum. My period came on the september 14th which is on time and lasted for 5 days. My next period should be on the October 11th but it still haven’t come until now. What could be happening?

    • Clepetark says:


      skipping a cycle can happen.. if you are uncomfortable with this situation, have a chat with your physician that can provide you with more technical answers.

      Good luck

  11. Sheena says:

    I had my period Oct 1 2014 it end on the 5th of oct. I had sex on Oct 11 and 12. My boyfriend did release inside of me and he went deep, could I be pregnant?

  12. bhavna says:

    my last menstrual cycle started on 6 sep and i have irregular periods sometimes it comes in 2 months or sometimes in 35- 40 days and i had sex on 22 sep can i be pregnant..

    • Clepetark says:


      where there is unprotected sex, there is always a risk to be pregnant. Risk are minimal but existing. Many factors have to align himself to . To avoid unnecessary stress as you have an irregular cycle to you test yourself with a pee on the stick test 14 days after the not protected sex, it is the time required to built enough HCG hormones in your body to trigger the test. Use the first morning urine as this one is the most concentrated in HCG

      Good luck

  13. Anne says:

    How many day of being late should you take a pregnancy test?

    • Clepetark says:

      Hi , some test are sensitive enough to trigger a positive 2 days prior your due date. Most of the the day you are due. I recommend you to wait to be late 2 days before testing yourself as you could trigger a false negative in case you conceive at the end of your fertility window

      Good luck

  14. Happiness says:

    Pls i need to know if i can get pregnant because i had an unprotected sex 3days out of my 5days ovulation periods but my bf did not release in me

  15. Mawiyah Bomani says:

    I am 42 and I had my last period on august 27 and it lasted until September 5. I did not have a period in September. My prior july period was on the 13th and lasted until the 18th of that month. What can be going on?

    • clepetark says:

      Hi , having one weird cycle is normal, we have changes in our lives, so the cycle too ! If it keeps being irregular and random don’t hesitate to speak about it with your physician, he/she will investigate the reason and propose you solutions.

      Good luck !

  16. edna says:

    My circle is 28 days but this month I got my period on 1st of October it was supposed to come on 28th of September so my problem is when am I ovulating this month,,,am TTC

    • clepetark says:

      Hi , your ovulation will occur between the day 10 to 14 of your cycle, the day one being the first day of your period. You can always track it more precisely by taking your temperature every morning before getting out of bed and add it to your calendar, you will see the temperature will increase starting 2 days before the most fertile day

      Good luck !

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