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If you want to stand the best chance of getting pregnant, then you need to know when you are ovulating. This is the time of the month that you are at your most fertile, and thus stand a greater chance of a sperm reaching the egg and fertilizing it. One of the biggest problems people have however is knowing how to calculate their menstrual cycle. This is where technology can come in useful. You can use items such as a menstrual cycle calculator which should provide you with a rough estimate about when you are next going to ovulate. Let me tell you a little about how these work.

Menstrual Cycle Calculators vary in complexity, some will ask you for information such as your average body temperature, as well as various other bits and pieces about what your body is currently going through. These types of cycle calculators often give the most accurate results, but many people find that they are ‘over kill’, and the majority of the information that they ask for is not something that people will have to hand readily, especially months of data about the subject. Therefore many women use simpler menstrual cycle calculators, which still give fairly accurate results.

The first thing that the menstrual cycle calculator will ask you is the date of your last period. Hopefully this should be information that almost any woman should be able to answer fairly easily. This will be the starting date of the last period and not the ending date.

The next piece of information that you will be asked for is the average length of time between your periods. This is the ‘length of the menstrual cycle’. Of course, the human body does vary wildly here, and whilst some months there could be 30 days between your period, and others it could be as low as 25. However, you are only after an average here. Do try to be as accurate as possible though as this will affect the results that you are given, and this of course will have a profound effect on what the calculator tells you is the ideal time to try for a child.

Finally you will be given your results. Generally you will be told the date of your next period, which should be fairly accurate. What you are going to be most concerned with however is the next ovulation period. This will be the time that you are at your most fertile and therefore stand the best chance of getting pregnant. What you do need to remember though is that the information isn’t 100% accurate as it is impossible to predict the human body, so ideally you would want to start having sex a couple of days before this, and a couple of days after.

Whilst they aren’t 100% accurate, the menstrual calculator is still a useful tool. It provides a ‘free’ way of knowing when you stand the best chance of getting pregnant, and this of course can be a god send for a couple who are struggling with this.

Learn more about Menstrual Cycle and how to to calculate it manually.

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  1. Linda says:

    My last cycle was on June 22,2014 and they last 5 days. Normal cycle is 30 days and I should have started on July 20,2014. I have had my tubes tied in 2009 . Is there a chance I could be pregnant? How long should I wait before I see my gyno?

  2. lambert says:

    Could anxiety cause one not to get pregnant? Also is only on the second day of ovulation must one have intercourse in order to conceive? Help a worried husband.

    • Ana says:

      yes, stress can definitely impact the chances of getting pregnant. you should have intercourse few days before ovulation and during ovulation. find out more about improving the chance of getting pregnant in this article

  3. pam says:

    I was intimate with a guy in April but no sexual intercourse, saw my period that month and next which is always last week of a month/ 1st week of the next month. But june/july I experience more like spotting and period cause it stained my underwear and it lasted for 5 days. And its 12 days after and I feel I’m ovulating. Could that be my period or what? Pls I need a reply. So confused

    • Ana says:

      hey, yes, that could be your period, especially if you had more mental or physical stress in the last 40 days which may impact your cycle. if you, as you say, didn’t have a sexual intercourse then there’s no possibility of pregnancy.
      consult with your physician if you’re worried that there’s something wrong

      • pam says:

        Yea I experienced mental and physical stress which I’m still experiencing fear and ansiety at d moment. But is it possible for another period to show up 2wks after that?

        • Clepetark says:

          it is quite possible too, that you had a multiple ovulation month ! some women have a ovulation on demand mode, being in love, new relationship can made changes in your hormonal balance. If you can live with it ive you 2 more month to see if it will stabilise if not , you can always discuss about your concern with your physician

          Good luck !

  4. holly says:

    I had 2 periods in one month of june the beging and the end. june 28 is when I started again but didn’t know and me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and im worried I might be pregnant

    • Clepetark says:

      Hi , getting pregnant while having period is rare but not impossible, it depends if you had an ovulation or not, personally I already got pregnant on my late period and I was explained back then that some women have what they call … ovulation on demand. Meaning that the only desire of conceiving can trigger an ovulation. If you are regular, make sure your period arrives on time, if not do a test.

      Good Luck

  5. Faith says:

    Had my last period the 2 June 2014 when is my next cycle date in July?

    • Clepetark says:

      Hi , the date of your next period will depend of the normal length of your personal cycle as it is different from one women to another. Normally it should be 28 to 30 days from the first day or your period to the first day of the next one.

      Good luck

  6. Mish says:

    Hi, i had sex on 13 july and the first day of my period was 2 july and lasted for 5 days, i have a regular cycle 25days am i safe?

    • Clepetark says:

      Hi ,

      Not safe, you ended being at the beginning of your fertility window. Protect yourself if you dont want to conceive at all time. As some women have more that 1 ovulation per cycle.

      good luck

  7. Jasmine says:

    Hi my cycle was on may 26-30 I and my bf had sex on the 31st and I am now pregnant ..but I am not sure how far long cause I don’t know how this works


    • Clepetark says:

      Hi ,
      the best way to know will be to do a blood screening, by the level of HCG, your doctor will be able to tell you how many weeks are done so far. That will indicate you as well if the latest may period were real or if you were already pregnant before … by now even if they were real, you will have an heartbeat audible at the echogram.

      good luck

  8. linda says:

    Hi I’m Linda,I saw my last period on the 24 of November,and my period lasted 5 days. I met my boyfriend on the 1st of December and 2nd,please now I’m pregnant,is my boyfriend responsible for the pregnancy because I’m confused.

    • Ana says:

      hi Linda. I presume you took a pregnancy test and it turned out positive? Is your boyfriend the only person that you had sex with? if yes then obviously he’s the father. if not, a paternity test will clear up the doubt. good luck

  9. meret says:

    Hi I saw my last period on the 6 to 9 June and I had sex with my boyfriend on the 10th. the period it usually 28 days am expecting it on the 3 July. But til now nothing, does it mean am pregnant. Pls I need ur advise

    • Clepetark says:

      Hi, unless you have a double ovulation, you were still far from your fertility window. Conception stress is enough to relay your period. Do a test, clear your mind ! if the pee on a stick test turns negative and you still have doubt dont forge that a blood screening is not lying

      good luck

  10. Sheba says:

    Mine is regular but even when i meet my hubby while ovulating nothing happen.though i hv a 3yrs old daughter.tanks

    • clacla says:

      Having the same problem here too, cos I have 3 years old son, so what is the way out dea

    • clacla says:

      Could this be a sign of a problem?

      • Clepetark says:

        having both of you a 3 years old child on not the sign that you both have difficulty to conceive for the same reason. It is a pure coincidence. If I can give you a tip that will help you conceiving is that once you will first accept to let the nature go and stop putting you the conceiving stress on the shoulders, have intimacy only every second day during your fertility window which is normally day 10 to 18 of your cycle, day 1 being the first day of your period.

        good luck

  11. vilva says:

    Hi ,
    I have irregular periods.
    Periods came on Apr 29, the next one on june 07.
    I am trying to get pregnant .
    can you tell me when will i be fertile next .
    I took ovulation test at home , came negative

    • Clepetark says:

      hi, with irregular cycle it is very hard even for the test to help you out. The general rule is starting from your periods day one, count to be more than sure 12 days , then have intercourse every 48h, not more, to allow as much mature spermatozoids to be sent… they live 72h in the womb so there will be always some ready for your ovulation to come, continue this routine until your next periods, normally we can stop day 21 .. but with irregular cycle it is a little bit more touchy! Relax don’t think about conceiving … I know the pressure is hard. But to have to let the nature do its voodoo magic !! enjoy the moment you have with your partner, and don’t think about the conceiving performance. A lot of couple that struggle to conceive finally achieving it when they quiet the project ….

      good luck

  12. tricia says:

    Hi I am tricia ,I gave birth on the 26th May 2013 and my menses started this year 09th June 2014 bt it did not flow as my normal 6-7 days it came for only three days and i want to know if this is normal. . I also want to know when my next menses will come.

    • Clepetark says:

      Hi , you will need a few cycle to determine if you are regular or not after your pregnancy. As it could rumble a lot of thing in your cycle. Good luck !

  13. toppy says:

    hi my last period was 19 of may to 22 of my and i had an intercourse with my hubby but till now which is 27 of June have not seen my period does it mean I am pregnant?

  14. Dora says:

    Hi i saw my last period on the 14th of may -18th, and this month june I have not seen my period. I didn’t have any sexual intercourse, pls am worried

  15. daisy says:

    Its been 45 days since my last period and the only pregnancy symptoms I have are mood swings, bumps on my breasts, and being fatigued. I took several hpt and they all came back negative I dont know whats wrong with me?!

    • Clepetark says:


      being pregnant is not the only reason to skip a cycle. Starting birth control pill, new gym routine , stress lack of sleep and conceiving stress can also delay or completely skip a period cycle.At this point if you are listening too much to your body you might trigger these pregnant like symptoms If so far the pee on a stick test is giving you negative result and that you still have doubt, do a blood screening.

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